Other Important Educational Sites

Social Networking

99 Chats – Allows teachers to create customisable chat rooms that can be added to a class website or blog (free)

Edmodo – A social learning network for teachers, students, schools and districts (free)

Facebook – Needs no explanation

Mahara – Open source software that allows you to create electronic portfolios, weblogs, resumes and social networking systems. It provides you with the tools to set up and share an online personal learning environment (free)

Ning – A platform for creating your own social network. Use it to communicate and share resources with your colleagues, students or friends. (from $2.95 a month)

Sclipo – A set of eLearning tools to teach and collaborate with students (free basic account)

Tinychat – Allows you to video chat online with up to twelve people in a room with HQ video at once. Protected by passwords and moderators, you can even share your desktop or record the conference and embed it onto your website or wiki (free)

Twiducate – Based on the idea of Twitter, Twiducate is a micro-blogging service for schools. You can post resources for students, rhare readings, reflect and encourage discussion (free)

Twitter – Twitter is a real-time micro-blogging service that connects millions of people. It’s a great way for educators to share information, ideas and experiences. Why not sign up and follow me (@edjudo2011) to get started and then see who I follow or serach for topics that interest you (free)

Udemy – Lets you to create online courses, upload presentations, videos, host live classroom sessions and write blog posts (free)

Voxopop – A bit like a message board but using voice rather than text. You can set up a private talk group and help students develop their speaking skills. Great for language activities (free)

WiZiQ – A web-based platform for anyone who wants to teach and learn live, online. A virtual classroom, to create and share online educational content and tests, and to connect with people sharing subject interests (free)

Yammer – Allows you to create your own, private social network. Users can then communicate and share easily and securely (free)

Surveys and Polls

99 Polls – Create customized surveys and polls for your website, blog and social network profiles (free)

Blogpoll – Simple polling tool that can be embedded into any school website or classroom blog (free)

Polldaddy – Create online surveys and polls (limited free account)

Tricider – Team decision making, brainstorming and collaborative solution web 2.0 tool (free)

Survey Monkey – Create online surveys and polls with ease (free basic account)

Tag (Word) Clouds

Tagul – A follow on from Wordle, create customisable word or tag clouds which can be embedded into blogs and wikis (free – still in beta version)

Tagxedo – Following Wordle’s idea of creating visually stunning, customisable word clouds. Tagxedo, however, allows for greater customisation of the final cloud including its shape and file format output (free)

Wordle – The original and still one of the best tag cloud creators. Allows users to create customisable word clouds from any text with the most prominent words highlighted via size (free)


Timeglider – Allows you to create timelines which you can zoom in and out from and span from hours to centuries. Great for history or discussing your family tree (free)

Timetoast – Create interactive time lines in minutes and share them on the web (free)

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