Videos of Toon Masti For Mathematics and Environmental Science Grade 1


  1. Count and write numbers 1-10
  2. Addition 
  3. Subtraction
  4. Number Names 
  5. Addition ( two digits) 
  6. Long- short, thin-thick, light-heavy ,tall-short 
  7. Counting 1- 50
  8. Most- Least, lesser-greater  
  9. Lines 
  10. Tens and ones 
  11. Money 

EVS  Grade 1 ( Only For Reference), Please check the content of Videos before Playing in front of Children

  1. Myself, name, brothers, sisters,   going to school 
  2. Morning Routine, Good Habits  
  3. Going to School, the first day  to school, feelings and emotions associated with a little one going for the first time to school 
  4. Activities in the School
  5. A delightful video of a little girl who describes the scenes  and sights along the way to school . It leads to focus on  various  action words 
  6. Living things grow, young ones of animals, each one is special 
  7. Colours, mixing of colours 
  8. Rainbow, colours of the rainbow, simple opposites 
  9. Smile  , do , spell 
  10. Cleanliness 
  11. Fruits 
  12. Road Safety Rules 
  13. Our Helpers  
  14. Clothes we wear  
  15. Animals in the Zoo 
  16. Our Festivals 
  17. National Festivals 

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