Videos of Toon Masti For Mathematics and Environmental Science Grade 2


  1. Flat –round, rolls-slides 
  2. More- less than 
  3. Heavier-Lighter  
  4. Counting by tens 
  5. What comes next- patterns 
  6. Basic Shapes 
  7. Volume  of  liquids 
  8. Counting by tens and ones 
  9. Days and months- before-after 
  10. Addition, Biggest- smallest number 
  11. Addition  (two digits) place value
  12. Subtraction place value
  13. Measurement of length
  14. Money 

CLASS II EVS  (Only for Reference Not rigid)

  1. Concept of ‘all living things grow’ is introduced i.e. people, plants, animals etc. Also  different stages of growth. For eg. a small baby cannot walk or talk, does not have teeth but adults can walk, have teeth etc.
  2. Different body parts and their functions in brief 
  3. Basic shapes and things from the daily life of children that can be related to those shapes 
  4. How cotton,wool etc are made into clothes,clothes of different states, uniforms of different people like postman, army, school  
  5. Various good habits like being polite, not eating food from open, sorry, thank you, please, using dustbin, wearing clean clothes etc  
  6. Safety advice as to not to play with electricity, knives etc., not to go alone for swims in rivers, advice against bus top travel, playing in the road etc. 
  7. Left, right, east, west, north, south. Specially done with characters facing away from audience to help audience follow them exactly.   
  8. Days of the week, months of the year 
  9. Talks of different types of houses, different people like mason, plumber etc, who help build a house  
  10. Awareness of facilities in the neighbourhood – like a post office, hospital, fire station, police station, market etc.
  11. Basic seasons and food available during that season including festivals in that season  
  12. Harvest festivals of India like Bihu, Pongal, Baisakhi, Makar Sankranti, Onam etc. 
  13. Importance of healthy food – like eating vegetables, fruits, milk, eggs etc.  
  14. How air and water are required by all living things and the importance of conserving them  
  15. Plants and what they need to grow – like air, water, sunlight etc  
  16. Talks about living and non living things and different types of seeds, leaves and also climbers and thick trunks 
  17. Domestic, wild animals, birds, insects, water animals, what they eat and where they live 

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