Videos of Toon Masti For Mathematics and Environmental Science Grade 4


  1. Measurement of length- centimetres, metres, kilometres
  2. This lesson revises the pre-learnt addition, subtraction and multiplication and also introduces another process of division. Also establishes the connection between multiplication and addition and division and subtraction
  3. Unit of time and assessment of time duration for various activities. Also concepts of seconds, minutes, hour, day, weekly, monthly etc. Concept of 24 hour clock as well as ‘am’ and ‘pm’ also introduced
  4. Days and months and reading of calendar. Understanding dates written in different ways as well as writing it. Reading manufacturing, expiry dates etc. in different formats
  5. Concept of ‘singular rule’ i.e. finding the price etc. of one unit and then multiplying with desired numbers. Easy methods of mental multiplication for bigger numbers. Also reading of ‘price-list’
  7. Concept of litre and millilitre and the inter relationship between them. Assessment of capacity of various things like a bucket, mug, bottle, pot etc. Understanding of less than a litre and more than a litre
  8. Idea of circle, its centrepoint, radius etc. Free hand drawing of circles, then drawing a circle with compass is shown as well as measuring its radius with a rule
  9. Fractions introduced through division of things into halves, one third, one fourth etc. Understanding of 1/3, 1/2, 3/4 etc.Conversion of 1/2 metre, 1/4 of a rupee into centimetre, paise etc.
  10. Recognition of patterns and their hidden rules. Starts with patterns on definite objects from surroundings like designs on clothes, floor etc. and moves to abstract patterns through drawings, then numbers, letters of the alphabet etc.
  11. Reinforcing that concepts of division, multiplication and tables are inter related. Learning to develop tables without rote learning everything. Division of objects into equal numbers and different methods of division
  12. Concept of weight and assessment of weight of various things from everyday life like a pencil box, sack of wheat, school bag etc. Making of a weigh scale also shown. Comparision of weight of different things and concept of how weight of many small things would add upto the weight of a big thing
  13. Concept of perimetre is introduced by using the term ‘length of the boundary’. Perimetre of various things like leaf, book etc. are measured using a rope
  14. Data handling and representing data through pie diagram, bar charts, chappathi charts etc.

Class IV EVS:

  1. From ear to ear
  2. The story of Amrita  
  3. Story of Amrita :  
  4. A River’s Tale
  5. Anita and the Honeybees- 
  6. Beekeeping documentary 
  7. Lifecycle of Honeybees
  8. Going To School–
  9. A Busy Month –
  10. Eating Together 
  11. Changing families  
  12. Hu tu tu tu  
  13. Pochampalli
  14. Pochampally documentary  
  15. Pochampally English  
  16. Dyeing and different fabrics from different parts of India  
  17. Defence officer    
  18. Abdul in the garden  
  19. The world in my home- good Touch and bad touch 
  22. Madubani paintings-  

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